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This website is my response to Ford's inability to resolve issues with my newly purchased 2012 Ford Escape. I purchased  my vehicle on September 17th, 2011 from Keith Hawthorne Ford in Charlotte, NC, for the specific use and safety of the Sync system for my daily 70 mile commute. This was communicated to my salesperson at time of purchase as the number one reason for purchasing the vehicle. Little did I realize at the time of purchase that there have been issues with the Sync system since the 2008 model.

THE PROBLEM: When making a phone call through the Sync system I can hear the phone conversation clearly through the car speakers BUT the person on the other end of the conversation cannot hear me clearly; it either sounds like I am in a tunnel or it is very choppy. The quality of the conversation gets worse as your speed increases.

THE STATUS: After being given the run around, stalls and being lied to by Ford, a Better Business Bureau Autoline mediation I am currently in the process of filing suit against the FORD (FRAUD) Motor Company as of 6-4-12 per North Carolina Lemon Law.

THE PURPOSE: To let other Ford owners that they are not alone and possibly with the collective input from Ford customers we can get Ford to do the right thing: fix the problem or buy back the vehicle per your state's Lemon Law.